Fox & Holly


  • Ideation
  • Scripting
  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Drone
  • Post Production including motion graphics


LSL Brands, a family fun retail company with stores in Peddler's Village, Princton, Cape May and Doylestown had run Fox & Holly a 26,000 sqft department store as a pop-up for a year. They wanted to let both new and existing customers know they were HERE to stay and they wanted an original video to accompany and support that marketing campaign.


To showcase the store and tell their origin story while highlighting the differentiators and value proposition; family run, personal attention to each and every shopper, an inventory that is unmatched locally.

ASGAV Solution

To capture the in store 'experience' and make the store inviting while showcasing the caring and expertise of the staff. We wanted to highlight the inventory by not only presenting beautiful b-roll shots, but also in a practical setting with real shoppers being helped throughout the store. We utilized intimate interviews by the key stakeholders to tell the story.

Outside of the creative, this video was part of a partnership we have with Herald Publishing. Where the client gets an original video and a print Ad that runs in the Bucks County Herald 4-weeks as well as full digital distribution. With over 350,000 weekly readers/viewers/Social.


The video has been viewed thousands of times with a high share rate.  This conversion has helped drive new customers to the store as well as improve overall ethos.

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