• 3D Rendering
  • Video Switching
  • Projection
  • Audio Mixing/Amplification
  • Filming/Editing Recap Video


Florescent lights made it difficult to see the presentations of the special guest speakers and the noise of attendees made it hard to hear the presenters. Another challenge was to capture the event and produce a video that would entice people to come the following year.


This was a two faceted approach to enhancing the experience of the Philly Home and Garden Show. The presenters' slideshows needed to be clearly seen in the bright lights of a the hall. The presenters would also need to be heard over the loud noise from the event. Also, a recap video of the event was to be filmed/edited.

ASGAV Solution

ASGAV Solution We set up a 14k lumen projector to show presentations on a 12' wide screen. 60" television monitors mirrored the main display for anyone who was outside of the primary viewing range. 6 loudspeakers were positioned around the audience area to ensure even audio levels. The videos and Powerpoints were seamlessly switched to the screens. During this time, we filmed all of the exhibits and presentations which were edited into a dynamic highlight video. The operators of the event posted the videos on their website and social media. screens.


Everyone in attendance was able to clearly hear and see their favorite Home and Garden professionals. The "Market Place Events" team now has a highlight video to share and promote their event for next year. Interest has increased due to the social media presence, and attendance has risen. They have already booked us to produce their 2020 event.

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